Cigar smokers and fishermen share a common feature. They both can spin myths. Each time they tell the story the fish gets bigger and harder to catch, or the stories about cigars get more intricate.To know more about cigars visit Tabanero Cigars. Let's examine some of these myths on smoking cigars to distinguish reality from fiction.

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1. Myth: A dark wrapper signifies a strong cigar flavor.

Fact: What is the truth of this particular myth about cigars has come to light as time passes on this fable. The filler tobacco determines the quality of a cigar. The result is not to make the cigar stronger however, it can cause it to be a little more sweet.

2. Myth: The myth of white ash being the sign of a good cigar.

Truth The color of the ash that a stogie produces while burning is not related in connection with flavor or the quality of the smoke.

3. Myth: The most suitable location to keep your cigars in is the refrigerator.

Truth: Your refrigerator is dry and cold to preserve you from the premature depletion of your cigarettes. Smokers prefer the 65% to 70 levels of humidity, and 70 deg F temperature.

4. Myth: You should take a lick of the cigar before the smoke is lit.

Truth: Although there might be a valid justification for doing this years ago, this may not apply in the present. With modern humidors your cigars can keep their moisture, and will give you a satisfying smoke, regardless of whether you decide to lick or dampen them before.

5. Myth: Cutting your cigar at an angle can increase the flavor of your cigar.

The truth is that the angled cut can cause your cigar to fall apart and ruin the smoking enjoyment instead of improving it