When deciding which soft ice cream machine to buy, keep in mind that there are a variety of options and requirements that must match the needs of your product.

  • Size

The most important thing to focus on first is the height and width of your Brullen soft serve ice cream machine. First, measure how much space the machine takes up so you know whether you need to take a closer look at smaller or larger devices. In addition, make sure the room where you store the machine has extra room for maneuvering or cleaning.

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  • Portion

Remember to have an idea of how many ounces are one serving per minute. If you run a business, this comes in handy so that you can make time for yourself and give your customers more convenient orders.

  • Wheels or feet

Do you move around a lot with your equipment? Do you clean the back of your machine a lot? In this case, you want to order a machine with wheels. They are very convenient to clean. You just have to pull out the machine quickly and easily, clean the area, and put it back in. Depending on how the product is made, there may not be wheels, but it is the best way to get closer to the area behind the machine.

  • Volume

Depending on what it is designed for, you may need a large, medium, or small volume machine. If you're just looking for a simple ice cream maker for your kitchen, trying out a product, or just drinking a little coffee, I'd recommend the small volume machine. However, if you need a machine for a restaurant, buffet, or ice cream parlour, a large volume machine is a good choice.