A full-service provider of employment screening and background verification solutions to clients in financial services and the healthcare industry was moving to a new platform to manage their core processing. Here we will discuss the importance of hiring credentials verification agency:

The project team was tasked with implementing a new client on the platform within a tight deadline. Hundreds of employees had to be checked for criminal records, driver abstracts, motor vehicle records, credit checks, and verifications of education and credentials before the platform could be fully converted. 

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There were growing concerns about background verification from both new clients and existing clients. It is better to recommend and implement two near-shore recruiting teams that can validate the new technology in employment screening services. 

The old technology may not be able to process all clients, so this validation applicant tracking systems strategy and human resource information systems strategy (HRIS), were implemented. 

These two systems could be used concurrently to identify any incompatibility between client processing on the old and new platforms while the technology was still being developed.

Online background screening testing planning and review were a great help in increasing the confidence of clients who are considering converting to the new technology. You can even search online for more information about background verification solutions and credentials verification organizations.