Video transcription is a method that allows you to watch a video and record the dialogues and events in writing. Online transcription is an effective way to inform people about the sequence of events in a video. 

It also helps search engines index the video, which can help increase its popularity. A transcription will allow you to know when dialogue was spoken or when a specific sequence occurs.

Online video transcription has been a huge success because people can easily find the exact sequence of a YouTube video using search engines such as Google. Transcribing can also be done offline in order to create subtitles and report the content. You can also communicate with experts to know more about transcription & captioning technology.

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It can also be used in video libraries. There are many videos on the same topic. It is crucial to make your video stand apart from others. It can make a big difference to have a relevant caption or description. 

These are few things you should know about transcription:

1. Visibility: Transcribing a YouTube video and including it as a description can increase the visibility of your video. This will allow the video to appear at the top of search results.

2. Video transcription makes post-production simpler: Films often have video transcription done before the final output is available. To make editing simpler, it is done during production.

3. Video transcription isn’t new: Videos were created long before computers existed. The people of that time took the video footage and transcribed it painstakingly, taking notes as they went along.

4. It's possible to do it online: There are many online services that can help you make this process simpler. You simply need to upload the video link on the website to get the transcription done.