Dubai is a popular vacation spot for one reason that it has it all. From blue, sandy beaches to the fashionable towering malls, fancy restaurants to cultural souks, you name it and Dubai has it. It is a commonly said that Dubai is a melting pot and this is not entirely true. So if you think of choosing Dubai for your destination this summer then you will definitely enjoy your experience.

There are many malls like, the mall of Emirates, City Centre, Wafi Mall among others. It has a snow park, which is famous for indoor skiing and ice-skating. There is the Dubai zoo for children and adults alike that are animal lovers. The desert safari is a once in a lifetime experience. Driving on sand dunes, eating in the middle of the desert and enjoying hubble bubble, it totally makes this authentic. There are cinemas and art galleries. Arab artists are emerging from purely calligraphic art and delving into newer options. You can see the souks, especially the gold souk which can leave anyone enchanted. There is just so much gold to be seen and appreciated. For a woman, gold souk is a candy store. You can also check sites online such as and many more.

Vacationing in Dubai will be a special event, so let’s take you through one of the city’s best entertainment places, Al Bustan Rotana. It is the ultimate package, what you can expect is amusement options, a lot of entertainment, 5-star accommodation and complete relaxation. It is located in the heart of the city, amidst bustling shopping malls and wonderful restaurants if you choose to get a taste of Dubai city. Exhibit halls, World Trade Center and the Airport are all in the close vicinity.