Thumb sucking is a behaviour found in many children from a very young age. Reasons may vary from famine, comfort, pleasure and security. Many overcome this habit in a short time, while for others the parents need to provide help to quit the habit. To know about thumb sucking causes visit

1. Get a thumb guard – Simple guard mother gloves that protect only the thumb and prevent the child from sucking. 

2. Award children – Giving reward when your kid does not suck his finger can be a motivating factor for the child to stop sucking her thumb.

3. Be careful – Give the child more care and ultimately, the child will get rid of the habit.

4. Disorders – Thumb sucking is conscious behaviour and as these children do not realize that he/she sucks her thumb. Distract the child when you see the thumb sucking by giving them activities that use both hands.

5. Peer pressure – Getting your child to play with other children who do not suck their fingers will help the child to stop this habit. peer pressure is a strong driving factor, which can help you help your child.

6. Apply bitter/sour-tasting liquid – Applying the child's finger with oil vinegar/neem will help get rid of the thumb-sucking child. Because the thumb-sucking child unconsciously, it will help kids realize what they do not need to do. 

However, do not forcibly apply the liquid on the thumb of your child and tell them that it was to help him/her to get rid of the habit.

Punishing or embarrassing a child in front of other people will not help the child get out of the habit of thumb sucking. This will only hurt the self-esteem of children and do not push to break the habit.