Gas masks are a reminder of the painful past for many and are a symbol of exciting conflict and hostile acts of war. Mask collectors may be interested in world wars, battle strategies, weapons facts, and other military souvenirs. 

If you are a collector, it is important to keep your collection clean. You can also buy gas mask hood through the web.

Gas Mask Hood

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Here are the best tips for cleaning gas masks:

• Gas masks should always be stored in a cool, dry place or in a clean container.

• When you valet your antique collection, make sure you disassemble all the parts. Remove the hood from the face mask and remove the eye and nose protection. So you can get into all the nooks and crannies when you start cleaning.

• The hood is easy to clean with a damp cloth – use warm water to wipe off the dirt.

• Eye protection can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

• After soaking and washing all parts well, dry them with a clean towel and leave them in a cool, dry place to dry completely.

• Glasses and respirators should be dusted daily if possible and thoroughly cleaned every few weeks.

The company, realizing the marketing potential of this concern and seeking personal protection, began selling escape masks to the general public. 

Several governments around the world understand the effectiveness of these security products in responding to terrorist attacks and the importance of these products during the war.