A pulse oximeter is an instrument specifically made to determine the amount of oxygen in blood. It's a simple device and can help save lots of time going to the doctors to have this procedure performed. 

You can find various best pulse oximeter tester online. The Finger pulse oximeter is a type of fingertip oximeter, and also known as a handheld pulse oximeter or an oximeter for wrists. The main difference is how much patient data that it is able to collect, store and display. 

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The process of using any of them is exactly the same. Start the device and then insert one finger into the sensor that is attached, and in a matter of minutes, a precise reading of oxygen saturation level as well as heart rate are displayed. The wrist pulse oximeters on the other hand, have enough memory to store and measure information about patients throughout the day. 

These kinds of pulse oximeters can be used not just for spot checks, but they can also be used for exercise and during sleep studies at night by doctors or patients to track the level of oxygen in various tasks (including the sleep phase).

A hand-held pulse oximeter performs the same function as an oximeter that is worn on the fingers. Certain models are designed to plug directly into the computer. Due to their size, they're not as mobile as pulse oximeters for the fingertip.