Why would you want to get a perm on your hair? It is because your hair is straight or limp and you want to add some waves, volume and vibrancy to it. Or it could be a straightening perm where the stylist first preps the hair, sets it with a solution, then rinses and dries it, and finishes with a flat iron. 

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Pointers for perm hair

  • A perm is desirable to add vibrancy to thick hair.
  • The perm process takes approximately 2 hours. That depends on the length of your hair and the skill of the stylist.
  • A temporary perm lasts two to six months. A permanent perm can stay longer.
  • Frequent hair perming can damage the hair and lead to split ends, dry scalp, rough and dull hair texture due to excessive hair processing.
  • Today's alternative perms use ceramic thermal curling irons and straighteners to achieve a fresh new look.

Caring tips for Your Permed Hair

  • Do not wash your hair for 24 hours after a perm as the hair needs time to adjust to the chemicals and become very brittle. You can wet your hair, but do not wash it.
  • Use mild shampoos or herbal shampoos for dry or delicate hair. These clean without drying the hair.
  • Condition your hair with a teaspoon of a good hair conditioner for a well-set, long-lasting curl. A conditioner designed for chemically treated hair is good.
  • A regular haircut will help your perm last longer. Get your hair trimmed about once a month.
  • As the hair perm grows out, use a volumizing gel at the roots of the hair and blow-dry at the scalp for additional hair lift.