The popularity of duct board insulation has increased over the past few decades. It is evident that many homeowners favor the use of duct board insulation. They are made by cutting the necessary dimensions of glass wool ducts and folding them into a pleasing shape. 

The reason for their popularity is due to the high quality of services they provide to homeowners.Some of them are:

  • They are insulated to a sufficient degree:

The glass wool duct material is characterized by its inbuilt heat insulation properties sufficient to provide adequate insulation properties. They do not require the additional insulation. Furthermore, these ducts can absorb sound.If you want to explore more about duct board panels & duct board insulation visit Ductus.

duct board insulation

  • They are airtight:

The surface of the exterior is reinforced by aluminum foil. This will create an air barrier. They will also be air-tight. The surface that is likely to come into contact with the airstream is sprayed with aluminum, fabric, or glass mat to avoid corrosion.

  • They are extremely durable:

They are self-supporting so they do not need support from ducts made of metal. The strength of this material also increases the durability.

  • They are simple to put together:

They are sold with their manual, which describes the steps to assemble them.

The process is easy to comprehend and operates within one process. It is designed to give the most long-term efficient solution possible.