Volume lash extensions are so stylish right now! More and more girls are investing in thick and silky lashes that make their eyes look fabulous. To make the perfect volume set you need to think through every detail, like lashes, glue, tools.

The list goes on and we can talk about anything that has to do with turning up the lash volume for hours. That's why we decided to dedicate this article to tweezers for thick lashes and tweezers only.

Why Do You Need A Different Tweezer For Volume?

This is a question that many beginners ask themselves before delving into lashing. At first, we all thought all it took were reliable tweezers. So don't be shy if you don't need separate tweezers to turn up the volume. You can also look for volume lash tweezers online through https://www.gladgirl.com/collections/tweezers

Volume lashes require more action than gluing lash extensions. Smooth lash extensions are obtained by applying 3 to 10 lash extensions to the natural lashes. Making the right volume fan at the right width is not an easy task and mainly relies on the tweezers used and how they are used.

Do you think there is only one type of tweezer for volume lashes? Not! There are many choices. When choosing a tweezer, it always depends on personal preference.

A certain type of tweezer for volume lashes can work wonders for one lash artist and cause headaches for another. Note that all the tweezers have one thing in common – a curved tip, without which it is impossible to add volume to the lashes.