Dairy products are a major source of dietary protein and calcium. They are also a common source of foodborne illness. To ensure the safety and quality of dairy products, it is important to know what dairy testing is and how it is used.

Dairy testing is a process used to determine the safety and quality of dairy products. It involves analysis of milk or cream for harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Testing can also be done for chemicals such as hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. To get more details about dairy testing you may see it here.

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) relies on dairy testing to ensure that food is safe and healthy. The FDA also uses dairy testing to determine the effectiveness of food safety controls.

Dairy testing has been used for centuries to make sure that food is safe and healthy. 

Today, it remains an important tool in the fight against foodborne illness. Dairy testing has evolved from simple to sophisticated over the years and is now used in various settings. Testing can be conducted on raw milk or cream. 

In some cases, the milk will be tested for the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses. Other tests check for chemicals that may alter taste and texture or indicate the presence of infectious diseases such as E coli.In addition to testing raw milk, dairy testing can also be done on pasteurized milk. 

Pasteurization involves heating milk to a certain temperature in order to kill bacteria and prevent foodborne illness. Food safety professionals use this technology to ensure that foods like yogurt, ice cream, soft cheeses, cream cheese, and buttermilk are safe for consumers.