As a car owner, it's important to have your vehicle in good working order. One way to ensure that is by having a professional logbook serviced. This is the process where someone takes apart your log book and cleans it for you, which will make it easier for the next time you need the service. Benefits of having a log book servicing:

1. It can help to keep track of important information. 

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2. It can help to prevent accidents. 

3. It can help to keep track of hours worked. 

4. It can help to prevent overtime pay violations. 

5. It can help to keep track of time worked. 

6. It can help to protect yourself from accidents and prevent injuries. 

7. If you own a small business, it can help to keep track of payroll taxes and record payments made to employees.

8. It can allow you to prove that you are using your vehicle for business purposes 

9. It can be beneficial if you want proof when someone is getting paid for services performed on their vehicle 

10. You could maintain a log book if you need it later in case there is an audit or dispute with your company 

11. A log book could provide evidence of damage done. You can even search online for more information about log book servicing.