As people become conscious of how harmful tanning can be , and how it does not just increase the risk of developing skin cancer but also contributes to premature ageing, tanning salons are eager to offer solutions to the harm that tanning beds can cause. 

With the introduction of treatments using red light for their clients, they hope to draw in people who are health conscious who are seeking ways to improve their appearance. The red light therapy at can be used to reverse the hand of time by healing and treating the skin. 

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It's been scientifically proven to increase collagen and production of elastin and encourage younger-looking and more youthful looking skin. When once-exuberant tanners discover the loss of their youthful glow and bounce and the wrinkles and lines begin to make their ways into their skin, they're desperately seeking an effective way for their skin to appear more youthful and tanning salons across the globe are paying attention.

The design of beds that use LEDs is expensive and the majority of bed designs with red light therapy consist of red light bulbs that resemble bulbs that are fluorescent or incandescent. There isn't a lot of research supporting the use of bulbs . However, there's an incredible amount of research supporting the efficiency of LEDs.

Research conducted by NASA medical institutions, or universities were conducted using LED light due to its narrower wavelength. The condensed light can be used to penetrate more deeply in the human skin.