Should you go with digital printing for your marketing needs, or should you stick with the more traditional offset printing? Hong Kong digital printing has some unique capabilities that give it some distinct advantages.

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Here we offer some reasons why you should go with digital printing in Hong Kong for your printed materials.

– When you do short-run printing, the cost for each copy will be less if you take the digital route. Whether you wish to print out only a handful of items to several hundred, Hong kong digital printing is the most cost-savvy approach.

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– The start-up costs for digital printing can be kept at a minimum. On the other hand, the start-up costs for the plates and the press for doing traditional offset printing are more expensive, and short runs tend to be more costly for each copy printed.

– For those with a deadline looming, digital printing has a fast turnaround time. If you have output-ready files and can supply them to the print company, then your products can be created without the need for any more processing. You do not have to worry about the drying time of the ink because your images are dry when they are put out from the press.

So, digital printing is best in every possible way, there is no way not to choose it.