Whenever I hear those golden oldies (songs) I instantly get taken back to my childhood. And that is what music and singing can do for you. And that is why I like to sing. When you hear a song that impacted your mind, you get instantly taken back to those times when you were singing to that song. If you want to explore regarding the music lessons for newcomers, then search the browser.

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And for me, when I listen to a song, it instantly reminds me of those times when I was singing and listening to that song and I get transported back to the happy memories of my childhood.

But singing can do other things for you too

Singing can help with your mood. If you are feeling particularly down, you can turn on some music to help lift your mood. 

For instance, you can put on a fast song with a great beat and then dance around to that song. This will help to alleviate your sadness and just dancing around and singing might even put a smile on your face.

If you don't feel much like forcing yourself to lift your mood, then you might put on a song where you can relate to the lyrics. These are the songs that you want to listen to when you are having a pity party for yourself and you just want to wallow in your sadness. 

Just singing these songs can help you to relate to the lyrics. Or even a sad slow song can be comforting. But please seek medical attention if you do not brighten your mood in the long term.