The extraction of teeth is nothing but a simple process of eliminating your mouth tooth. Extractions are performed for a variety of reasons. Dental caries that almost killed the entire structure of the tooth is the frequent signal from the extraction of the teeth. The dental extractions of problematic wisdom teeth or impacted teeth are regularly carried out, as well as the elimination of permanent teeth to make room for this orthodontic treatment. If you want to get more information about the tooth extraction treatment then you can visit at

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Types of extraction

Dental extractions are classified as surgical or simple. Surgical extractions normally involve removing the teeth that is not easily accessible or not reachable for surgery, may be either because it has not completely erupted or it has broken below the gum line. In extraction of the surgical teeth, the dental surgeon can lift or elevate soft tissues that cover the bone, tooth and can remove the surrounding bone tissue with a drill. 

The process involves dividing the tooth into several pieces to facilitate its deletion. Simple extraction is the other type of extraction, normally performed on easily accessible and visible teeth, requires only instruments to lift the portion of the visible tooth, often performed under local anesthesia.